Health Experts Asking People to Go from Smoking to Vaping

There was a study conducted recently from an American research institute that showed that if Americans switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, then millions of lives could be saved over the next few years. That’s how much safer e-cigs are than their combusting counterparts.

Traditional smoking is under fire more than ever before, and new research showing how much safer e-cigs are is making them look like the more attractive option, a lot of websites are now making e cigs available online. That’s not to say that e-cigs are without risk, but they certainly carry far less than tobacco cigarettes do. Tobacco cigarettes are the primary cause of lung cancer and throat cancer around the world, and they have been linked to a number of other diseases and medical conditions that cost billions of dollars to treat each year.

Now, health experts in Australia are suggesting that their citizens go from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-cigs as a way to protect their health. Menzies School of Health in Australia released a statement saying that it would be beneficial to the health of the public to stop smoking cigarettes and to take up vaping instead.

Now, it needs to be mentioned how Australia’s e-cigarette market differs from a lot of places around the world. In Australia, it is illegal for e-cigarettes to contain any nicotine. They are completely nicotine free, which means they are less likely to be addictive and habit forming.

It makes sense then that using e-cigs instead of cigarettes in Australia would be better for someone’s health. They would be able to drop the vaping easier and would be less likely to go from vain to smoking, even though that rarely happens anyway, even when nicotine is involved.

The figures from the US study showed that in a worst-case scenario, if vaping were shown to be far more harmful than it is believed to be, at least 1.6 million would be saved from a premature death. If the research on vaping that we have presently is to be believed, however, then as many as 6.6 million people could be saved from an untimely death. These are incredible figures, and it makes sense that there is widespread support for those who smoke to go to vaping instead.

Combustible cigarettes are considered to be far and away the most harmful nicotine production the market today, even when you take into account the markets outside Australia, where nicotine is more readily available in a wide range of products. There are simply too many health risks involved when smoking tobacco cigarettes, and even filtered ones are not significantly less harmful, nor are they nearly as safe as vaping with e-cigarettes.

These kinds of reports have given the e-cigarette industry a boost, and more people are giving up their cigarettes for vaporizers and e-cigs than ever before. As more research is conducted on e-cigs, public perception and our understanding of them may change, but it seems for now that they are about 50 times less harmful to the human body than cigarettes are. There are health risks involved with vaping, and the public needs to be made aware of those risks and what vaping entails. However, the risks are significantly lower than they would be if the same person were to smoke cigarettes.

We will likely continue to see pushes like this from other health organizations around the world. Not every country has the benefit of the nicotine ban on e-cigarettes that Australia has in place, but they can still save millions of lives by simply switching from nicotine cigarettes to nicotine e-cigs. It’s no the nicotine that kills, after all, or that leads to a premature death, and that’s important to note for those who are hesitant about giving up their combustible cigarettes for some alternative.